How Riviera was born

In the heart of peaceful Forlì, a city that breathes history and tradition, Simone Tocci has embraced the arduous challenge of revolutionizing the world of drinks and aperitifs. His vision was bold and ambitious: to create an entirely different product, a fresh and delicious alternative to the now familiar happy hours and summer conviviality. And so, Riviera Spritz was born, bringing with it a wind of novelty and an incredible baggage of innovation.

What makes Riviera Spritz so extraordinary is its radical difference, both in flavor and colour. An intense and lively green, a true hymn to freshness and nature. The essence of cedar, the infusion of aromatic herbs, with the gentle touch of lemon balm and a minimal amount of sugar, much less than what can be found in other drinks. But the real magic lies in the fact that Riviera does not require additional water or soda, it is a product that exalts itself in its pure essence.

The versatility of Riviera Spritz is extraordinary. A visionary bartender has already started experimenting, creating dozens of innovative recipes, skilfully balancing our liqueur with ingredients such as tonic, gin, prosecco or vermouth. Each blend is a work of art, a symphony of flavors that enchant the palate.

But Riviera Spritz is not just a liquid in the glass; it is an experience that is spreading rapidly. Our website, , is a treasure trove of ideas and inspirations, with a passionate community sharing enthusiasm and unique recipes.

In the words of Simone Tocci, one perceives the pride of a bet won and a dream come true. He still remembers the first formula, the trials, the 15 unlabelled bottles, and the courage to present his product to the managers of the most prestigious establishments. More than a hundred tastings, each confirming its extraordinary potential.

Simone persevered, started initial production and brought Riviera Spritz to market, winning over distributors throughout Italy. But it was his homeland, the Veneto, that responded with extraordinary enthusiasm, because here, in the heart of the "homeland" of the spritz, Riviera has found a warm and well-deserved welcome.

Riviera Spritz is more than just a drink; it is an emotion in every sip. It's the story of an innovator who defied convention and created an extraordinary alternative. It is the taste of passion and originality, which today enriches the moments of joy and conviviality of anyone lucky enough to taste it. Riviera Spritz is the future of good drinking, and the future has a fresh and vibrant taste, the taste of Riviera.